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from "How much Long Term Care is enough?"

...Long term care benefits are generally built around a certain amount of money the LTC carrier will pay or reimburse per day for a period of time, after a waiting period.  Let's break this down a little.   Going backwards, let's start with the waiting period.  The waiting periods usually range from 0 days to 100 days.   The longer the waiting period, the less expensive the coveage.  As an example, if we trigger the benefits on Jan 1st and we have selected a 90 waiting period, the Long term care insurance carrier will start paying a daily amount on April 1st (or there abouts).  Next the period of time aspect.  At the time of enrollment, you select a period of time during which you'll receive the daily benefit.  For example, if you select 3 years, the daily benefit will be paid starting April 1st in the above example for up to 3 years (as long as benefits remained triggered).  Finally, the easiest part.  Long Term Care is built around a daily benefit.  Why daily??  Well, a time element is built right into the name of the coverage.  "Long Term" establishes that care is needed for a period of time and the daily amount is the best approach.  How much daily amount should we choose?...

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